Luna Lovegood's Exceptionally (Extra)Ordinary Event Virtual Tea

PLEASE NOTE: Depending which level of service you purchased, you will receive either 3, 5, or all (8) of the items listed below. Tea included with all three levels.


Philosopher's Scone

English Scone Studded w/ Stem Ginger Jewels

Ginger Newt Biscuit

Spiced Ginger Snap

Fire Breathing Dragon's Egg

Boiled Egg Wrapped in Sausage & Spicy Breadcrumbs

Herbology Bites

Tea Sandwich w/ Crisp Cucumber Slices & Fresh Mint Butter

McGonagall's C&H

Thinly Sliced Chicken & Black Forest Ham Tea Sandwich w/ Dijon & Arugula

Treacle Tart

Harry's Favourite. A Classic Sweet, Bright & Buttery Tart

Welcoming Feast Trifle

A Layered English Dessert. Orange Juice, Sponge Cake, Custard, Berries, & Whipped Cream

Honeydukes Pumpkin Tart

Bite-sized Pumpkin Custard Tart

Butterbeer Tea

Rooibos (and Black in Caffeinated version) Tea, Vanilla, & Butterscotch Chips